Web Solution

Don't let the users search for great content- let them discover it! A state of the art content recommendation and discovery service

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Mobile Solution

Your users are on the move, so should be you - The perfect content discovery solution for mobile carriers

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Content Recommendation

it is much more exciting discovering new content. let your users discover new exciting content wherever they are.

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Content Monetization

It is much more exciting discovering new content and advertising opportunities. let your users discover new exciting content wherever they are.

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Racana is the winner of  the Global Innovation Award at
Nokia Siemens Networks’ Israel Innovation Competition

Company’s personalized content recommendation and monetization solution is recognized for its ability to open new revenue streams for mobile operators . Read more…




Only when you know someone, you can really know what they like – Our Personal Content Recommendation Engine delivers the right content to your audience, accurately and efficiently.



Good content is interesting content. Great content is personalized, tailored and relevant to the reader. This is where we come in – helping you deliver relevant, new personalized content to your audience.



Our solution allows you to display tailored content for each of your users on each of their  platforms – so you can serve them relevant content wherever they are, increasing your chance of engagement and revenues.